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Mission Statement

The mission of Neural Signals Inc. is to provide a link to the outside world for people who are locked in their bodies - alert and intelligent but unable to communicate. This mission is embodied in our icon above.

The icon attempts to illustrate the facial profile of a person locked in a box. The opening in the box to the right shows neural signals escaping, implying that the person's thoughts can be carried out into the world on these signals, something we have already achieved.

Our emphasis is on invasive brain computer / machine interfacing, but we also are involved with non-invasive systems with our collaborators. Our aim is personal communication especially with regards to speech restoration. We are developing a Speech Prosthetic. In future we intend to apply our techology to restoration of movement, as well as eventually to enhance brain function.

Welcome to Neural Signals, Inc.
"For many decades, the idea that we could control computers with little more than our thoughts has been the stuff of science fiction and the dream of many scientists.  Neural Signals is fortunate to be the historic first to allow a locked-in man -- who is alert and intelligent but unable to move or speak -- the ability to control a computer directly with neural signals."

Dr. Philip R. Kennedy 
MD, Ph.D
Neural Signals Culture and Values

I should be impeccable with my word:  I speak with integrity. I say only what I mean. I avoid using the word to speak against myself or to gossip about others. I use the power of the word in the direction of truth and love.

I don't take anything personally:  Nothing others do is because of me. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others you won't be the victim of needless suffering.

I don't make assumptions: I will find the courage to ask questions and to express what I really want. Communicate with others as clearly as I can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, I can completely transform my life.

I will always do my best: My best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when I am healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstances, I simply will do my best. I will avoid self-judgement, self-abuse and regret.


If you wish to donate to this research, please donate at www.neuralsignalsdonate.com .
We and our subjects thank you in advance for any donation, however large or small.

NSI News and Developments

Patient needed for New Implant:

We are looking for locked-in individuals who wish to become involved in a research program that aims to restore their speech. We intend to implant the Neural Operating System in the brain’s speech cortex with the aim of providing the person with 20 simple and useful words that he or she can produce at a near-conversational rate. The Neural Operating System consists of the Neurotrophic Electrode and implantable electronics that wirelessly transmit the neural signals across the scalp to a receiver and a computer with software that converts the pattern of neural signal firings into speech that is fed back to the person through the computer speakers. It is intended to implant three electrodes in the speech motor cortex (along with three electronic modules). The speech cortex is just above the left ear in right hand dominant persons.

We seek one person who can still speak but will gradually become mute. Such people typically suffer from Lou Gehrig’s disease, commonly known as ALS or motor neuron disease. Such people usually lose their ability to breathe at about the same time they lose their ability to speak. They often decide not to go on the necessary ventilator and allow themselves to die. Having the ability to speak and therefore interact in a more human way with family and caregivers, access a computer and control their environment, changes that equation. A volunteer for this research will need to be prepared to go on a ventilator at some later time, though a decision to refuse a ventilator of course will be honored.

Full details of the procedure and training are available by email: phlkennedy@aol.com . Copies of the consent document and other details are freely available. If the person wishes to learn more after reading these documents, Dr. Kennedy will visit and speak personally and answer all questions. The implant is free of charge. This is a research project and no guarantees can be given as to the outcome. 

Successful Implant:

We replaced ER's electronics on May 4th 2013 in Belize City, Belize. We are now recording successfully from 21 single units and using LFPs also. Our efforts are directed towards restoring speech. The specific aim on ER is to allow him to produce a few useful short words. Units are undergoing conditioning at the moment and results will be presented at the SFN meeting on Saturday afternoon, 9th November 2013. Also see www.neuralsignalsdonate.com  for more details on the story of ER.

2013: Lectures at Oxford University, University of New Castle, England, and Tyndall Institute, Ireland, in February.

2012 : Society for Neuroscience, three posters due October 13th to 17th.

2012 : Lecture at Oxford University England on the Speech Prosthesis, due September 21st. 

2012 : Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Panel Member presentation, San Diego, August 30th.

2012 : Neural Prosthesis Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, June 

2011: Society for Neuroscience, two poster presentations, Sunday and Wednesday. November 12th to 16th.

 2010 : A new Power Point presentation named "NSI - Speech Study", narrated by Dr. Kennedy is now available for download. To obtain download instructions, please email Info@NeuralSignals.com.

 2009: Speech Prosthesis work by Neural Signals and Frank Guenther featured in articles in Scientific American Mind, Esquire, and Discover magazines during September 2008.

 2008: Online production of speech with audio feedback to the subject was achieved on Feb 14, 2008. Video and report linked at Boston University lab website here. See references underResearch Tab

 2007: Feedback of speech to the subject has been achieved offline using simple phonemes with the help of our collaborators from Boston University, Prof. Frank Guenther and Jonathan Brumberg. November 2007. CNN highlights this work, report and video linked here.

 2007: Speech Restoration work by Neural Signals to be featured in the PBS documentary 22nd Century, on January 17, 2007.

 2006: Speech Restoration Project featured in the BBC documentary Horizon, Oct 24, 2006 on BBC Two.

 2005: Featured in Neurotech Business Report July 2005.

 2004: World’s first implant for speech restoration Dec. 2004.

 Featured in Neurotech Business Report - July 2005 World's first implant for speech restoration - Dec. 2004

Press Coverage

"Melding mind and machine to free the paralyzed to communicate."

US News & World Report, 2000

 "A significant contribution for individuals with severely debilitating diseases, such as ALS or high-level spine injury."

National Institutes of Health, 2002

  "Gives completely paralyzed people a new way to communicate."

Discover Magazine, 1999


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