Company Info


Neural Signals Inc. is a C corporation based and incorporated in the State of Georgia USA in 1989. It is primarily a research company. It is funded by the Small Business Innovative Research program of the National Institutes of Health. It has received over $4 million in funding to date in collaboration with other scientists listed under the Partners tab.

DUNS number : 129130964

Our Strategy

We continue to collaborate with others in developing the Speech Prosthesis that involves the electrode, the electronics and future implantations. Our present subject’s electronics are not operating due to traumatic damage and he does not want more surgery. So we seek to implant more subjects. However, we are not compliant with the FDA’s new regulations due to a change in their rules. We were compliant since our first implant in 1996 until they changed the rules! Apart from complaining about the gross injustice of this to us and our subjects, we considered trying to comply but cannot due to the enourmous expense of compliance. No funding agent will fund us just to become compliant. So we are going abroad to see if we can perform implants in another country. More details will be forthcoming on this matter, hopefully soon.


Our Short History

The Neurotrophic Electrode is the essential technology on which the whole effort is based. It was first developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, and implanted in rats in 1986. Dr. Roy A. E. Bakay was instrumental in performing monkey implants of the electrode at Yerkes Primate Center, Emory University, Atlanta Georgia from 1989 to 1992. Following those successful studies, the first human implant was performed in 1986 with FDA permission at Emory University. Five subjects have been implanted to date, the last being in 2004. The first four were aimed at providing communication to a computer in order to produce synthesized speech slowly spelled out letter by letter. The 2004 subject was implanted with the aim of providing near-conversational speech of several short but useful phrases. Details of this successful implant are in the publications in the Research section.